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GTX Multi-Seal Adhesive / Sealant

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GTX Multi-Seal Adhesive / Sealant
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Grey 300ml Cartridge
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Product Description

Dynatex‚™ö GTX Muli-Seal Adhesive Sealant is a new VOC compliant adhesive sealant that will take the place of traditional polyurethane. The fast curing GTX provides permanent elastic adhesion to a number of surfaces with excellent elasticity. The GTX will finally give the truck, trailer, RV, and container industry a safer, quality adhesive/sealant. Like polyurethane, the GTX is designed to resist all the, on-the-road flexing, adhesion/sealing wear and tear. GTX is paintable in 30 minutes, sandable, non-yellowing, non-streaking, and solvent-free.

Product Interchange Information

Dynatex # Permatex # Loctite # Loctite
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49392 GTX Multi-Seal Trailer Adhesive - Cartridge - Grey